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ERIC BUTTS Musician * Filmmaker * Awesome

Born in 1979 in Lexington Kentucky, at the age of 2 Eric received his first (Muppets) drum kit, by age 3 he was dictating movie scripts! Quickly teaching himself how to play a bunch of different instruments, by the age 11, he received his first Fostex cassette based 4-track and began his engineering/solo artist career.


At the age of 15, living in North Carolina, Eric convinced his high school and school board to allow him night-time access to the school to shoot his first horror film!


Around the same time, while being the frontman for the N.C. punk band DUNGGRIN (1995), Eric was making his own full records and giving them out to his friends Under the band name M.P.D.. He also continued playing in bands in N.C. (Drummer for DOCTOR HEIMLICH AND HIS MANEUVERS [1996], THE LOCAL SKANKS [1999]).


He moved back to Kentucky in 2000 and in 2003 completed 6 songs, which became his last official non-film related record! It was appropriately titled "Six"!

It was also at this time that Eric make the decision to put music on hold to focus on his film career.


He met legendary cut KY film-maker Jerry Williams and went on to spend the next 3 years making "Zeppo: Sinners from Beyond the Moon!" with him. Eric Produced, edited, played 2 main roles and did all the music for the movie, which is currently available on Amazon OnDemand!


From 2009 to 2011, Eric was the Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Executive Producer and did all of post production for the hit web series Girl/Girl Scene. After making the 8 episodes of season one, Eric decided to take a break from film and come back to music!


In 2012 he released his 2003 EP "Six" on-line and is now back in the studio

working on what will become his first official solo release ever!